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jackie ivie's for richer
March 25, 2015




Jackie Ivie's And Richer
The Vampire Assassin League #25
by Jackie Ivie
April 29, 2015

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They're Vampires.
They're Assassins.
They're Hot.

How much worse could it get?

This is Nigel's story.
-The youngest associate finally gets his mate...


Nigel Beethan is the VAL’s second-in-command. He’s cocky. Self-assured. And terminally nineteen. He’s in Venice, handling his first solo excursion. On the prowl. Ramped up. Fixated. Thirsty. Because his mate is finally available.


Mandy Robes is believed to have the perfect life. Her grandfather is a duke. She lives at a huge estate. Has a big bank account. She used to have the perfect boyfriend, too. They broke up. And now the perfect life looks anything but.


Venice is a city of decadence and decay, light and shadow, luxury and vice. It awes and overwhelms even the most skeptical. A thousand years of history and romance are embellished with fine art. Alive with music. Theatre. Venice entertains. Mystifies. It’s easy to forget her past love here.

Until the man who could be his double shows up...

(Warning - sexual content. Violence)



Her heart thumped oddly. Her breath caught. A quiver went through her lower belly. Her thighs even trembled. She snuck a peek toward him again. Nigel was really handsome, actually. And he looked pretty intense with his jaw jutting forward and his unbelievably blue eyes fixated on her. As it raced down her arms, a shiver added to her problems. She rubbed them while working at stifling all the other reactions. This was really odd. She couldn’t be feeling anything for Nigel. He was a stranger. This was so unlike her.

“I hope you aren’t upset,” Mandy offered when Nigel just sat there regarding her without even blinking.

“I’m...safe?” he asked.

Mandy’s eyes widened slightly. She twisted her fingers together. “It wasn’t a bad break-up, okay? It was actually a mutual thing. We ended it. He went his way. I went mine.”

“Is he out of his mind?”


“Your ex.”

“You’re so sweet to say so. But everyone actually...thinks he dumped me.”


“He’s really handsome. Truly. I fell for his looks...but they can only go so far. You know? He’s just lacking...something. We just—. It’s just—. I don’t know. Some people are just not meant to be together. Do you know what I mean?”


His voice had lowered. The name resonated through the enclosure, adding to the weird sensation about them. The air had gotten electrically charged, becoming a physical presence that weight, scent, and heat. Each breath contained a hint of spice. Musk. He lifted his arms, put his hands behind his head, and unfastened his mask. His arms came away. The mask dropped. Her mouth opened, but nothing came out. Except a gasp.

He looked so much like Paul Henry they could be twins.

“Who are you?”

“I told you my name. Nigel. Nigel...Beethan.”

“Nigel Beethan,” she repeated uncomprehendingly


“Paul Henry is...a relation. A close one. But he is not your mate, Mandy. I am.”

“M-mate?” Comprehension was elusive. The word had too much significance. It sent a wave of goose pimples along her skin.

“And safe is not a word I would apply to anything at the moment.”

He smiled. Light reflected off wicked looking spikes where his canine teeth should be. White. Sharp. Mandy’s heart did a huge leap. A lump formed in her throat, pounding in rhythm with each heartbeat. Making it difficult to swallow. Vocalize anything. Breathe. She should be shocked. Horrified. Frightened. Anything other than intrigued. Rapt. Absolutely fascinated.

“You have...fangs.” The lump shifted in her throat as she whispered it. Paining.

“I know. I am a vampire, my love.”


“Feeling unsafe yet?”





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