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jackie ivie's and to cherish
January 19, 2015




Jackie Ivie's For Richer
The Vampire Assassin League #24
by Jackie Ivie
March 25, 2015

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24 Symbols



Mikhal doesn’t have much fun as an immortal. He fashioned his abode, gathered riches, and stashed them away. He’s tinkered with all the advances in technology. He may have to take another foray into a village for entertainment. Anything to relieve the sameness of his existence. Until one day. The villagers bring him a sacrificial victim.


Becky’s obsessed with South American culture. She doesn’t have a life. Friends. A significant other. She doesn’t miss them, either. She’s on a personal mission to solve the khipui – the knotted string messages used in the Andes for centuries. They must be an ancient language. And she wants to be the one who deciphers them.


Becky has spent years preparing for this field expedition. Saving up. Planning. She’s trained. She’s equipped. She’s ready. She’s determined. She’ll go anywhere. And face anyone. Even if there is a sun-god incarnate who guards and protects it...



“Mikhal-eketna Tarota Kalenqui.”...


“That is my name.”

“That is a mouthful. What do I call you? Mister Cal-en-key?”

She was very amusing. He couldn’t help grinning again. Especially since her heart reacted every time. And that made his mirror it.

“Mikhal,” he told her.

“Okay. First names? Fine. I’m Becky. Nice to meet you, Mikhal.”

She pulled one hand out from beneath the blanket and leaned forward to offer it. Mikhal went onto his hands and knees. The front panel of his long skirt settled between his legs, leaving him bare from knee to upper thigh. She snatched her hand back. Her blush bloomed on her cheeks again. His reaction to it was worse than before and much more intense. The space about his heart tightened. His breath caught. Heat roared through him without the slightest hindrance. His canines started vibrating. Tingling. Lengthening. His groin had the same issue. And that sensation had him grinning again, this time even wider.

“Okay. Maybe that wasn’t the best idea. We can shake hands later.”

He sobered. “If you wish.”

He moved his right hand closer to her. Then he slid his right knee a corresponding amount of space. The bed barely moved.

“Look. Mikhal. I’m from the United States. I’m...not here doing a tour.”


He moved his left hand. Slid the left knee forward. The leather skirt panel grazed flesh. Mikhal fought a tremor. That failed almost before he started. Despite tightening every muscle in his belly and thighs, desire was a brazen force.

Tangible. Fierce.

“I’m in a...graduate program. Studying South American...uh. Bodies. No. Oh. Crap. I meant cultures. South American cultures.”


He slid his tongue along a canine. Opened a tiny cut. He sucked on it while a shudder ran his frame. She saw it. Her eyelids lowered a fraction. Her eyes were like beacons. Molten. Luminous. Enrapturing.

“Yeah. I’m down here searching for...um. I’m searching...”

Her voice trailed off. Her tongue darted out to lick her lip. Mikhal lurched upward. The bed bounced. He closed his eyes, trembled through a flash of electrical stimuli that matched the movement of the mattress until it settled, and then he opened his eyes again. She hadn’t moved. She was still watching him with eyes of hypnotic gold.

“What are you searching for?” he finally asked.

“Uh. Someone.”

“Anyone in particular?”

He slid his right hand forward again, closing in on where the blanket wrapped her lower limbs. His shoulders flexed of their own accord. Lowered.

“I’m looking...for uh...khipu...camayuq. Yeah. That’s it. And — why does it look like you’re stalking me?”





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